The harrowing scene of the dog waiting night after night for the same train

A street dog stops in front of the same train track every night and eventually arouses the curiosity of many people. She has four puppies and always waits for someone to appear, while she looks closely at the train, which arrives at 11 at night.

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No one knows what’s so interesting about this place at that particular time. However, some of those who work there suspect that the little dog is looking for her former owner, who abandoned her. Most assuredly, he left and traveled specifically on this train.

Youtube – CGTN

There are images showing how the poor girl arrives on Platform 1 of Kanjurmarg Station in India to look at the train. Once the train leaves, she chases it until it disappears completely from the station.

Youtube – CGTN

Sameer Thorat, one of the area’s residents, captured one of these scenes and decided to share on social networks. Since then, the images became viral!

Youtube – CGTN

Some workers analyzed the security cameras and realized that the animal repeats the ritual since January 2 of this year. She was even seen getting into the train and leaving again in disappointment. Poor animal!

Youtube – CGTN


Dog waiting night after night for the same train


Check out the bleak moment in the video below:

After the video was released, the dog became a kind of “celebrity.” Now, many who go there feed her and her babies. Hopefully this story touches the hearts of many people and the wonderful little dog finds who she is looking for, or a new loving home with her pups.

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