Dog trapped in hole cries tears of joy when he’s rescued

A puppy wandered through a dense forest in Vietnam, enjoying the scenery and the scents of mountainous terrain. He was alone, with all the freedom to explore at will. However, completely dazzled by the delightful freedom of the summer day, the dog got distracted…

The poor animal fell into a deep hole. Despite the efforts to climb the walls, there seemed to be no escape!

Facebook – La Xanh

The pup circled the little hole over and over again, staring up at the sky in despair. Hunger and thirst seized his body and the animal began to lose hope.

By the end of the third day, the dog heard voices in the distance! Then the animal began to bark as the voices approached. The dog began to whimper with emotion as he realized that someone was walking toward him.

Several faces looked sympathetically at the dog, and he “cried” even more. The hole was tight and there was hardly space for two… Then a woman offered to save him. The rescue process went smoothly, and the dog is now safe.

Dog cries tears of joy when he’s rescued

Check out the emotional rescue in the video below:

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