Dog tied with no food or water for a month is rescued

A medium-sized dog, which was tied without food and water for a month, was rescued by the Animal Welfare Society of Umuarama (Saau). The organization released the photos of the animal last September 25, where we can see serious wounds on his neck. In addition to the injuries, the dog was weakened by lack of food and water.

Facebook – Saau Sociedade De Amparo Animais de Umuarama

The animal was sent to a clinic, where he’s being treated and fed. According to veterinarians, the dog can be a mix of Brazilian Mastiff with a German Shepherd. Everything indicates that he had been arrested, without food and with little water, in a house in Goiânia avenue, Goiás, Brazil.

According to Saau’s president, Ana Polaquini, the neighbors gave the alert to the association, which referred the case to the Environmental Justice Prosecutor’s Office. After the complaint, the Military Police was authorized to take the dog and send it to Saau, thanks to a search warrant. There, the animal received food, water, veterinary treatment and shelter.

Facebook – Saau Sociedade De Amparo Animais de Umuarama

Ana Polaquini affirms that the owners of the animal went through a separation, and the dog stayed with the husband, who did not treat him correctly. “In addition to not giving food and water to the dog, the resident also did not let the neighbors come in to feed him,” he says.

Facebook – Saau Sociedade De Amparo Animais de Umuarama

The owner will respond criminally to the mistreatment, recalls the president of Saau. According to the Environmental Crimes Law in Brazil, article 32, anyone who injures domestic, wild or domesticated animals, native or exotic, can be punished with a fine or imprisonment, which can last between three months and a year.

Source: O Bem Dito


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