Dog that was confined to a rusty cage experiences how it feels to run and play for the first time

A puppy who was confined to a tiny rusty cage for months is experiencing what it’s like to walk and play for the very first time. Liszka was rescued in Poland by OTOZ Animals, who freed her from her terrible prison.

The animal welfare group said that when they first saw her, she was lying in her cage, surrounded by her own filth and waiting for death.

The group had previously rescued another dog from Liszka’s cruel owner, but when they came back for Liszka, the man was so aggressive that they had to call the police. Police are reportedly now investigating the abusive owner.

Unhappily, Liszka’s legs have been malformed from the months of confinement she endured. But Liszka has come a long way in the weeks since she was freed from her ordeal. She is still scared and timid of people, but she is making progress and has come a long way.

She is also getting physical rehabilitation and regular massages to relax the muscles in her legs. And… she’s found a forever home!

In a video shared after her rescue, Liszka is enjoying her newfound freedom. She scoots around outside taking in the smells, the grass, and playfully interacts with her rescuer.

Despite her physical ailments, she seems to be loving all the attention and the freedom she has to run and play outside. She can barely contain her excitement!

It’s heartbreaking what she endured, but I’m so glad Liszka has a family who will nurture her and give her the love she so clearly deserves.

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Posted by OTOZ Animals on Monday, October 10, 2016

Source: Reshareworth


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