Dog that fights three types of cancer gets a birthday party for her 15th anniversary

Life should always be celebrated, specially in the case of this 15-year-old warrior dog named Estrela. The story was sent by Agatha Aguiar, her owner, who is proud of all the difficulties leaved by the nice Dachshund dog, better known as “salsichinha”, who won a well-deserved 15-year party with both chicken and canine guests.

Agatha mentioned that the last two years were especially difficult for Estrela: “She came to our family 15-years ago and filled our lives with the purest love! In the last 2 years, she has been battling cancer: she had breast and uterus cancer and she had several surgeries and chemo, but she resisted beautifully!”.

Well deserved 15th birthday party

But even with all the difficulties, body aches and several visits to the veterinarian, she always kept her good humor: “Whenever I got to the vet she had this lovely face from the pictures and already asking for food.” She said she had always dreamed of giving her a 15th birthday party with everything that is right for her dog: “I always planned to throw her a 15th birthday party, sometimes I thought she would not survive, but she surprised me with her strength. “

Agatha said that she learns daily with Estrela and that the party was wonderful. But it’s still close to what your puppy deserves: “It may sound futile to some. But who knows me knows what I feel for this little thing, and that’s nothing close to what it deserves. She teaches me daily the meaning of pure love, and she is one of the strongest beings I have ever known.”

In fact, the love that animals feel for their owners has so much to teach us about life. We are in love with Estrela! Come take a look at the birthday party that she won, entitled to Dog Beer and all:

Source: Razões Para Acreditar


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