Family adopted a dog that couldn’t sleep – when they recorded it they found out that he was watching them all night

The power of a good story lies in the fact that it can change the way we think. There is no story that isn’t meant to make us reflect or teach us anything. The case we’ll meet today happened in a coastal town in the United States, where a family celebrated the recent adoption of a new family member: a lovely Golden Retriever that they found in an association.

The animal was obedient, affectionate and very friendly, there’s no reason to worry. However, the couple noticed that something strange was happening to their pet…

Every night the dog would lean towards the bedroom door and lie awake watching his humans while they were sleeping. Disconcerted by this behavior, the family tried to justify this attitude as part of the process of adapting himself to the new home. However, time passed and the dog continued to spend the nights awake, just watching his owners.

Finally the couple decided to take the dog to the vet to see if anything was wrong. All tests confirmed that the animal was in perfect health. Then came the idea of calling a specialist to confirm if there had been such cases in the past. That’s when they got to an answer!

Apparently, the dog’s former owner decided to get rid of him and delivered him to a shelter after sedating him. The dog fell asleep at home and woke up in a strange place surrounded by people he didn’t know. So suddenly his family disappeared…

The poor dog associated this change with the act of sleeping and that’s why he spent those nights with his eyes wide open, afraid to lose his new family again!

When the couple received this news, they couldn’t stop crying and hugging the suffering animal. From that day, they decided to put the dog’s bed next to them to convey the security and confidence he needed.

People who abandon their animals rarely consider the atrocity they are committing or simply they don’t care. But even those who try to make the process smoother with “tactics” like that, they can’t imagine the irreparable damage they are causing.

Fortunately, everything went well for this animal but most of the times that’s not what happens…

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Source: La Voz Del Muro


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