Dog “talks” to owner and leaves chilling message to all dog lovers

This short film we’re about to show will make people who’ve lost a four legged friend recently feel better. When they leave, they leave an emptiness in the heart that can not be replaced.

Entitled If I Could Talk, the video it shows the story of a rescued dog from a terrible situation, from the animal’s perspective.

During the shoot, we can see how the dog was happy near the one who saved him. They spent together the best moments of their lives, and when the man built a family he never forgot about one of the most important members: his dog.

Now, at the end of his life, the four-legged companion thanks all that the owner has done for him: rescued him, played with him, gave him love affection, love, and all the other good things he provided.

Life is much better if we have a pet on our side, and all the people who have one know that is true. Loving a dog is a great gift, but losing it tears our heart apart.

Look at the short film with the best moments in a dog’s life, and also its final moments. It can can teach us something of value: Our pets leave early, but thankful and knowing they were much loved dearly.

It’s impossible not to be moved, share if you think dogs should live forever!


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