Dog takes her new blanket outside to share it with a cold street dog

Our busy lives end up making us forget to look around. Sometimes it was enough to look at the side, to know that something is not right with someone. There are many animals and people who need a little water, food or clothing and we can not even see them.

Generosity and attention are some of the things we lack most, so that we can become better people!

Lana lives in Brazil, where she was rescued from the streets with her brothers at the end of last year. She knows better than anyone that generosity and caring form one another is very important.

Shortly after being rescued, this little dog was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé, thus beginning a new life as a truly beloved pet. But despite all the love and affection she received, Lana clearly did not forget the days she lived in the street, hungry, thirsty, cold and lacking in love.

Lana’s owner gave her a warmer blanket, so she would not be cold at night because temperatures had dropped a lot those days, in the area where they live. Little did the woman know that her 8-month-old dog had a heart with the size of the world. After putting Lana to sleep in her new blanket Monday night, the dog had the most wonderful attitude we have seen in a long time – she shared her warm and comfortable blanket with a new friend that was sleeping alone in the cold outside the fence of her home.


When the next day Schaumloeffel left for work, she came across the most beautiful image in the world. Lana had dragged the blanket over to share it with another puppy that apparently lived in the street.

Schaumloeffel said it was the first time she was seeing the other canine. She was not sure if it was an abandoned dog, however, when she approached him to see if he had any identification, the animal ran away.

“I thought,” How beautiful what she did for her friend, “said Schaumloeffel.” My four-legged best friend reminded me of something so important: generosity! ”


Since then, the couple have occasionally seen the puppy but he always flees with fear. They hope to be able to approach him, to help him find his way home if he is lost. Every day they give him food and fresh water, so he does not lack anything.

After all, that’s what Lana would do if she could.

“She’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever met,” says Schaumloeffel. “We sometimes forget the difference we can make in a life. She reminds me of that.”


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Source: The Dodo


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