Dog survives euthanasia and gets a second chance at life after being adopted

Unfortunately, there are many shelters that become overcrowded and end up sacrificing unused dogs in their care to make room for new ones.

That was Rudolph’s dark fate of eight months in a shelter in Oklahoma. But it seems that God had a different plan that day.

Rudolph was euthanized by a vet, but when the vet returned to the room to check on him, he realized that Rudolph was awake.

The vet was shocked to see that the medicine did not kill him and refused to try again. From there, Rudolph was taken by Kings Harvest Pet Rescue, a non-killing shelter in Davenport, Iowa.

The ransom posted his photo and story on his Facebook page to try to find a home for him. It didn’t take long for people around the country to submit requests, wanting to adopt Rudolph.

Jacob Hommer, who raised veterans of the Siberian Huskies breed, took a look at Rudolph’s picture and knew it would be perfect for a Colorado veteran.

The veteran was so thrilled with Rudolph’s story and agreed. Hommer drove two and a half hours from Des Moines to the shelter to find Rudolph.

Rudolph is really a miracle dog and now, fortunately, he got a second chance at life!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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