Dog suffering in the streets with scabies and wounds is rescued

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of those rescue teams that, for their dedication and effort, continue to earn the respect and admiration of all dog lovers.

Its aim is to help all furry homeless people, many of whom are victims of abuse. The organization’s beautiful cause helped save many animals that were near death.

Recently, they rescued a dog that had large wounds all over his body that caused him terrible pain, was overrun with scabies that caused more itching and further injured his wounds.

The rescue group learned about the dog’s situation and quickly offered medical assistance and special care.

To catch the dog, they used a sweet technique, one of the volunteers approached him, giving him treats he used as bait. Once he gained his trust, the young man gently petted the dog and lifted him to the truck, where he would be transferred to the rescue center, where a vet would attend.

They decided to call the dog Lonnie.

The dog has received some treatments to fight scabies and antibiotics to relieve pain. After a month of constant treatment, the dog showed an excellent recovery, surprising everyone in the shelter.

Lonnie’s recovery wasn’t just physical, her mood changed completely, that sad, abandoned dog remained in the past. Now he is a cheerful and playful dog.

A gesture of love that changed your life.
Watch dog literally jump for joy after recovering from skin di…

Lonnie is an angel-boy who, today, jumps for joy at even the hint of play. But just a month ago he was listless, flat, and feeling just awful from mange. Mange is a debilitating and often deadly skin disease caused by parasites that burrow in the skin. They can consume a dog's entire energy and attention as the dog desperately tries to escape from the maddening itchiness. Watch Lonnie's sheer exuberance when his mange was cured at Animal Aid. Please donate to help save street animals like Lonnie :

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Sunday, August 21, 2016

With joy, he is in charge of conveying to his rescuers how grateful he is for winning a second chance. Just when a shelter caregiver opens the door for him to start jumping with excitement, rescuers can’t resist his charms and, without thinking, embrace him as tenderly as possible.

After all, Lonnie just needs true love to fight for everything that happened.

Lonnie expects to be adopted.

Thanks to organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited, many dogs take to the streets for a better life. Please do not hesitate to help your community rescue center and encourage yourself to adopt a dog that needs so much love.

Helping them is in our hands, they only rely on us and we cannot abandon them. Share this great rescue that, fortunately, had a happy ending.

Source: Zoorprendente


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