Dog stands beside the coffin of his deceased owner until the last moment of the funeral

The pain and emptiness left by the departure of a loved one are always something indescribable, for this reason, the tombs and memorials in honor of the deceased serve in some way to assimilate the harsh reality.

This fact is well known to everyone, including a loyal puppy who didn’t part with the deceased owner for a moment while his family was burying him.

The dog follows his owner until the moment he buries his coffin.

His name is Chito, a mutt dog who for years walked the streets of the city of Masaya in western Nicaragua and now mourns the loss of his beloved human father, Omar Mora.

Omar used to walk around the area with the dog in search of scrap to sell, so he was well known and appreciated by everyone in his community.

His death shocked everyone, as did the dog’s loyalty during the funeral.

On the day of the funeral, Chito seemed to know that his nightly walks along the sidewalk had ended because his owner was no longer in this world.

Omar Mora González died on May 26 at the age of 47. Although he was relatively young, the health problems caused by excess alcohol and the depression he suffered after his mother’s physical departure ended up taking his life.

Chito accompanies his father’s coffin at the entrance to the cemetery.

For Omar’s relatives, the man couldn’t get over his mother’s death and fell into a dead end.

“He didn’t want to eat and I tried to get him up, giving him serum, treatment, but he didn’t want any more. He said, ‘I don’t want to live, I don’t want to live. I imagine it was like the depression that caused it,” said the deceased’s brother, Denis Mora.

The puppy walked all the time next to his human father’s body.

On May 27, Omar received a Christian burial and that hairy and loyal man was always at his side. Chito not only accompanied the coffin during the time the family was watching at home, but the procession van followed him until he reached the cemetery.

The sadness of the cub was terrible and moved Omar’s family, who had never seen such a gesture of love.

Chito in the procession on the way to the pantheon.

Shocked by Chito’s attitude, Denis decided to take care of the hairy and not leave him alone. For him, that’s one way to show his brother love.

“Many people say he’s sad, he’s depressed, but there he is. Always at night he goes back to sleep in the same spot as his coffin was. The story is beautiful, the dog was quite faithful and as far as he could go,” the man wrote on Facebook.

Denis and Chito at Omar Mora’s grave.

Now Chito tries to adapt to his new life without his father and the family sees in the furry one a constant memory of the nobility of Omar, who took care of Chito for years. Without a doubt, this puppy is a great reflection of the unquestionable love that is in the heart of all these creatures.

Despite the pain, Chito will be able to move on with his human uncle. Share their story and send your blessings to the sad dog. No one should doubt their loyalty to their owners!

Source: Zoorprendente


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