Dog spent his life tied to a cinder block without receiving any love

All Ziggy the Maltipoo knew was this life full of neglect, where he was chained outside in the yard to a concrete block.

He was desperate for some love, attention, and companionship. PETA fieldworkers learned about the dog and started to visit him every day for a year to provide him with food and water.

They repeatedly asked the owner to hand him over to which they always refused.

But finally one day, Ziggy’s owner agreed to hand him over!

The Maltipoo was immediately taken to PETA where he hit it off with the staff. He had so much life to live after such a sad beginning. And with the help of the Norfolk SPCA, he was about to start living that life!

Ziggy then found a forever home with the perfect family. He took to his new brother, Cheddar the cat, right away!

And he is rewarded daily with walks to visit his new neighbor and friend, Sonic. What a difference for a dog that started with nothing!

Source: I Love My Dog So much


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