Dog spent 4 years chained in time until heroes appeared in his life

The worst thing that can happen to a pet is abandonment or indifference, and some animals have to experience both at the same time. This occurs when people acquire animals without being sure that they really want to take responsibility for them. After a while, they consider them a nuisance and end up excluding them from all family activities. This is a very sad fate when it comes to animals as noble as dogs.

Diesel, unfortunately, had to live in indifference for four years, chained and alone in the open air, without any protection or care.

When Diesel’s first family brought him home, they chose him because he was a very furry and huge dog, which made him adorable. But he is a Saint Bernard and soon the inevitable happened. He stopped being a cute little puppy and grew so big that they no longer wanted him in the house and for them, the solution was to tie him up and ignore him.

Soon a person became interested in him and the owner told him that if they found a new home, they could take him away, otherwise, he would shoot him.

After that, the Animal Advocates Society came on the scene and they went looking for him. Diesel was chained up outside in temperatures of -40°C, he was on the verge of death.

His health was bad and he was seriously injured.

He was full of feces, bleeding and was very sad, they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them.

Many people when they found out about his case showed their willingness to adopt him, but Diesel was not ready for this yet. After spending so much time in isolation he had to readjust to life with humans and contact with other animals, until now he had only defended himself against the wild animals that approached him.

That was one of the reasons why he was so hurt.

After the bath, he began to feel much happier, no longer needed to be cold, and was not emitting any unpleasant odors. However, after a medical examination, they determined that he had an infection. His eyes and nose were constantly dripping, his tongue was cut, a fragment was missing, and his jaw had an old fracture.

They started to give him the treatment he needed.

They neutered him to avoid territorial attitudes, especially after the isolation, and he started social integration therapies. But it should be noted that at no point in the process did he show aggressive attitudes.

Diesel had suffered a lot and was still able to wag his tail and convey tenderness.

Finally, he was ready to start his new life, so he was transferred from Yukon to Vancouver, where a new family was waiting for him. From the beginning, she adapted very well and began to enjoy the love and fun that was offered to her in her wonderful new home. He should never have gone through all of this, Diesel is so noble that he forgot all those years, it was as if nothing bad had ever happened to him.

The only trace of his sad past was the tear on his tongue, but he only cared to find out what life had in store for him.

After his rescue, Diesel lived for another 5 years until he developed a type of cancer associated with his age and died. But he died without pain, he died happy in a home full of love, which is what all animals deserve. We must thank the noble people who made his rescue possible and made donations for his betterment.

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