Dog spent 15 years chained to a tree until this man released him

Mani was just a puppy when his former owners decided to chain him to his backyard in Australia. Like all puppies, Mani liked to chew things, and, as his human did not give him the proper things to chew, or the proper exercise, or even the proper training, Mani destroyed the furniture. When they threw him outside to store their furniture, Mani would escape. To stop him from escaping, Mani’s former owners chained him to a tree – for 15 years.

This is a photo of Mani before he was rescued.

When Mani’s rescuer found out about Mani, he and his girlfriend couldn’t let Mani’s suffering continue. He was severely underfed and completely neglected. The couple approached Mani’s former owners and offered to give Mani a better life. Luckily, they accepted the offer.

Mani’s rescuer says, “From the interactions I’ve had with him (a couple of weeks while looking for a new home) he was the sweetest guy. I understand being mistreated can do damage to a dog’s behavior but I’ve got full confidence in him. he never showed any aggression towards us or my dog, he even got along with my 3-year-old cat.”

The couple contacted a friend who runs a not-for-profit animal shelter and within a week, Mani was given a new home.

The lady who adopted him sent us this photo today. it makes me so happy to see him looking well-fed and free of a chain. He’s an old boy, but he’s still got a puppies heart.

Regarding what he did for Mani, the elderly dog’s rescuer says, “It’s about the fact that this sweet dog can live out the remainder of his years with a loving family that will treat him with respect. I don’t live in America and I don’t believe it’s illegal here either but as an intelligent human being, I believe it is our right to treat all animals with a level of respect. Being restrained to a tree and starved isn’t humane.”

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Source: Reshareworthy


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