Dog sleeps on the street for 11 years, until he wakes up from a nap and sees that his life has changed

Dogs that live on the streets have a daily struggle to find food. Some of them do not survive for long, but this tough guy managed to live on the streets of Los Angeles, for 11 years. The poor dog slept on a porch so he would not be hit by cars in the middle of the mess.

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One day the little dog came by the house of a woman, who named him Solovino. The dog stayed at the woman’s house for the weekend as she contacted the Rocket Dog Rescue Association, from San Fransisco. This association usually cares for dogs who would be slaughtered in kennels.

As expected, Solovino was well received there, waiting for a new family. Although the dog has been jumping from house to house for over a year and a half. When a woman, called Carol Messina, read about his tragic story, the dog’s life began to change…

Unlike previous families, Carol adopted this old dog and she never gave up on him. But Solovino, who was renamed to Solo, was not an easy dog!

Facebook – Carol Messina

He was shy and unsociable, and Carol was not sure if she could ever make him happy. So the woman had to be patient and spent a lot of time until she could approach him. In addition, he had several health problems… The animal was deaf and had dental problems, which caused him constant pain and made it difficult for him to eat.

So the good-hearted woman decided to use her money to deal with Solo’s problems. In addition, she also bought him a vest that says “deaf doggy” so people could know what kind of dog they are dealing with.

Thanks to Carol, the life of this little dog is slowly recovering. With each passing day he is improving and learning to be more sociable.Now he can live a dignified life alongside a person who loves him!

Facebook – Carol Messina

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