Dog sings in America’s Got Talent and Simon Cowell gives a standing ovation

Cachorro Canta Destaque

When Simon Cowell, the world-famous judge, saw a dog singing he could not believe his eyes. A Golden Retriver, named Oscar and his mother, Pam, competed for America’s Got Talent and they will melt hearts all over the world.

Oscar likes to sing whenever his mother plays the piano. So Pam decided to share his talent with millions of people. The result? Simply adorable!

Youtube- America’s Got Talent

Oscar sits next to his mother and when she starts playing the piano, his head tilts as if he recognizes the melody. Wearing a lovely bow tie, the dog waits for the right moment and sings: “Aroooooooooooo”. With his lips pursed and head tossed back, the animal is heard throughout the theater.

Simon’s chin falls and the remaining judges can not believe what they’re hearing!

Youtube- America’s Got Talent

The show’s host, Tyra Banks, even admits that the dog is singing in key. The audience adores and Simon applauds standing up.

Youtube- America’s Got Talent

Dog sings in America’s Got Talent

Check out the loving puppy in action in the video below:

Undoubtedly, an innate talent…

Do you know any dogs that can sing like Oscar? Share this fun time with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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