Dog sees mother drowning her own children in the river and decides to act …

In a world where we live afraid of the dangers that surround us, having a dog as a pet can be an asset. Dogs know how to recognize danger and act immediately when necessary.

This sad story relates the loyalty of animals to the human being. It shows that protection is the priority of our furry friends and that they do everything to defend us from whoever.

This woman did not have her name disclosed, but what she did did not go unpunished! In an act of madness, the woman took her two children aged 5 and 9 to the Murray River, located in New South Wales, Australia, with the intention of ending the children’s lives.

As it turned out, the woman had told a friend the day before that she needed to “drown her boys.”

First she drowned the eldest, while the younger one screamed in despair. Then she took the younger one and continued the madness that had already begun. At this moment something unbelievable happened: A Pit Bull dog appeared in defense of the boys, attacked the mother and pulled the oldest boy to safe ground.

Daily Mail

Thanks to this brave dog, the woman was detained voluntarily after surrendering to a police station. It turned out that she had already violated her parole. According to the evidence, she had already been arrested and last month released.

So far the younger boy’s body has not appeared. The nine-year-old survived and is in the hospital.

Daily Mail

What is most serious is that authorities had already been alerted to the imminent danger of women’s liberation, by the grandparents of the children who cared for them 18 months ago. “We have made considerable complaints to the Family and Children’s Services and to the Department of Correctional Services Imminent risk that the boys faced with their mother’s release from prison, “said the grandparents’ lawyer.

The mother will now face a trial in court on the charge of homicide. Thanks to the brave dog, a life was saved from such a horrible crime!


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