Dog runs to his father in the sledge – his next move leaves the family in laughter

With low temperatures affecting much of our globe, many people are looking for activities to keep themselves occupied. From building snowmen to simple hot chocolate, there are a number of things we can do when temperatures are below freezing.

The same happens with our four-legged friends. They are very active beings and there’s nothing more boring than getting shut at home due to the weather! That’s why the puppy we’ll meet below decided to participate in a sled adventure along with his favorite humans!


The dog’s attempts to be a part of the fun are simply adorable! Luckily, his mother decided to record this cute moment and now we can all enjoy it. According to The Scientific American, dogs love snow for a variety of reasons.


Not only does snow bring a change of scenery but it also brings new scents and animal trails to follow. Dr. Gordon Burghardt of the University of Tennessee explains that dogs also like snow because of the low temperatures.

The temperature of a dog’s body is higher than the human’s, so snow is the perfect environment for them to play! The refreshing temperatures and the perfect playground is what makes this puppy so excited about his human’s sleigh.


As soon as he sees his owner coming down the hill, a bright idea pops up in his mind… What if he could also ride a sleigh?


Dog runs to his father on the sled

The moment his human returns to the top of the hill, the little dog leaps into his back and the magic happens! Watch the lovely moment in the clip below:

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Source: Faith Tap


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