Dog runs away from shelter to keep crying over his owner’s grave

There are loves that go beyond death. The departure of a person from this world does not mean that his memory is erased from the mind and heart of the one who loves him.

However, we must recognize that the one who misses and regrets the most is the pet.

Yes, these loyal creatures know how to love even after death!

Through a TikTok account, a woman shared what could be classified as the most painful scene of all.

A dog arrives at a cemetery and goes almost automatically to the tomb where the mortal remains of its deceased owner rest. The dog isn’t deceived and when he arrives at the place he does not stop regretting the departure of the human father.

His little face of sadness breaks our hearts.

Apparently, this little friend is living in a shelter but escaped to visit his former owner, who lost his life a few months ago.

The recording of a few seconds shows the dog defeated in the grave, no doubt his heart is broken and he misses the owner very much.

Watch the moment in the video below:

The images of this puppy are very exciting and reflect his loyalty.

Source: Zoorprendente


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