Dog runs away from home every day to visit the owner’s grave

If there has ever been any question about what our pets are able to feel, what happens in this video will dispel all doubts.

It has a dog named Zozo and the story of his love and loyalty. For some, what this dog expresses may be unbelievable.

When Zozo was only a week old, he was tragically orphaned. Fortunately, he was found by a man named Zafer Öztürk.

The kind man immediately took the puppy home and raised him as a son.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Zafer fell ill. Shortly after he passed away, leaving behind a family and his most beloved dog. The loss of his father hit Zozo hard.

Even the family noticed a distinct change in their mourning partner.

However, they didn’t realize just how sad Zozo was until they visited Zafer’s grave for the first time.

The mourning dog went to the earth, and in an effort to get closer to his master, snuggled down on top of it.

Zozo was stuck to the spot and refused to go home. The loyal canine did not want to be parted with his father.

Every day after, Zozo would run away from home and go to the grave to mourn the loss of his dad. No matter what loving family member took care of Zozo, no one could replace Zafer.

If this doesn’t show unconditional and loyal love… then nothing does! Zozo knows what it means to truly be man’s best friend.

Source:I Love My Dog


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