Dog runs after owner’s truck after being abandoned in a shelter

On September 29, a man dropped his dog in a shelter in Tennessee, United States, and left. Desperate, the animal ran after the owner’s truck, and the risk of being hit by a car was high. The scene was captured by the security cameras of the Hawkins County Humane Society. When the man removes the dog from the vehicle, he jumps and hugs the owner, but the guy ignores him.

The shelter, normally open from noon to 5 pm, was temporarily closed for quarantine Saturday, and the doors were locked. Although the staff were inside the facility, the man didn’t even knock on the door, leaving the animal disoriented outside.

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Dog runs after the owner’s truck

After letting go of the poor dog, the owner turned away, and the animal began to run after his truck at full speed. The dog was behind the owner’s truck, and was in serious danger of getting hit on the road. The man, whose name the shelter prefers not to reveal, didn’t seem to care about it and continued to drive.

The people inside the shelter realized what had happened, and ran after the dog immediately. Shelter manager, Sandy Behnke, said she did not disclose the face or the identity of the man as there is an ongoing investigation in Hawkins County police.

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After watching the surveillance footage, Behnke said, “Apparently the dog loved him,” adding, “He didn’t deserve this.”

“We e noticed a vehicle pulling out with a dog chasing it and our staff members went out to chase him,” said Joseph Cadorette, a staff member at the Hawkins County Humane Society. “He was running down Highway 11. He almost got hit by four or five cars before we got him back in the parking lot.”

Fortunately, they were able to retrieve the dog, which they called Rawhide, before being hit by any car on the road. Rawhide still needs his shots and to be neutered, but he will be available for responsible adoption next week.

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“We’re just hoping to get him taken care of and get him a family here that can adopt him and show him the love and care that he wants,” Cadorette said. “You have to treat animals just as good as a human being, I mean they got feelings too.”

The owner, through a lawyer, sent a letter saying he found the dog and kept him for two weeks to save his life. However, he claims that Rawhide was aggressive with his two smaller dogs.

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The letter said ‘The man wanted to assure others he loves dogs as much as they do, understood their response, and said he didn’t mind being thought of temporarily as the bad guy since in the end it helped get the dog adopted, which was the goal in the first place.’

Source: Daily Mail


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