Dog roams streets with a plastic container on his head

Jughead the dog had a serious problem and without intervention, the outcome would not be good.

The sweet stray dog was spotted roaming the streets of North Tulsa, Oklahoma. Someone snapped a photo of the pooch with a predicament and posted it to the Oklahoma Alliance for Animal’s social media page.

The reason Jughead was so scared is that he had a plastic container stuck to his head.

At some point, he likely put his face into the container to eat or drink something, and it became lodged there. 

Although he needed emergent help, the rescue group asked people to stay away from him so professional trappers could intervene.

Within a few days, professional dog trappers were able to get Jughead the help he needed before it was too late.

He was taken to a local animal emergency facility and treated for injuries. Since he was severely dehydrated, he’s receiving intravenous fluids to help recover and staying with one of the shelter volunteers.

We imagine he is happy to have that container removed from his head as he gets well and will be up for adoption.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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