Dog rests her head in crook of his arm when she feels safe after being rescued

A small dog, named McKenzie, had been living on the streets and was certainly traumatized. This poor pup had been through quite a lot being on her own. The cars that whizzed by were loud and threatening. And not having food and water meant she was often hungry and thirsty.

Hope For Paws, an amazing rescue organization, got a call about the little dog and knew she had no time to waste. He needed their help and fast! They went quickly. Eldad, known for his tenacity, love for dogs, and unwavering patience, got out of the vehicle eager to help. Equipped with a soft trap, Eldad approached McKenzie, but he was scared and backed off with his tail between his legs.

Check out McKenzie’s rescue in the video below:

When the normal approach didn’t work, Eldad decided to get on his hands and knees and crawl towards McKenzie. She sat there, shaking. She was definitely confused. When Eldad got too close, McKenzie got on her hind legs and tried to get as far away as possible but she was stuck in the corner. It is heartbreaking to see a dog so fearful. She had no idea that Eldad was there to save her life.

Eldad finally had some luck and was able to place the snare around the dog’s neck. He inches closer and pets her carefully. She’s not sure what to think but he continues to reassure her with his kind voice and gentle touch. Eldad picks McKenzie up to check for a microchip and of course, there isn’t one.

The next moment is truly eye-opening! McKenzie, now on Eldad’s lap, rests her head in the crook of his arm. She’s exhausted and she realizes that this guy is one of the good ones. It’s one of those moments that puts everything into perspective. This dog just wants to be loved and feel safe!

McKenzie is now happily playing her tail off at her new foster home. She’s trusting of humans and other animals. She realized that once she left the streets for good that everything was going to be okay.

Source: I Love My Dog


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