Dog rescued with scabies so bad that her skin looked like stone

Living on the streets is hard enough. When a dog suffers serious health problems, her daily life is full of pain and loneliness. They retreat further and find a way back is even more difficult.

A dog living with scabies so advanced that her skin turned to stone and slept in front of a building. She looked like the stone on entrance of the building. Maybe because of her condition she chose this place because she wanted to disappear… How touching is that?!

When scabies become so advanced, it becomes a “crust” – vets say it’s incredibly painful. She lost all her hair and had no protection from the elements.

Animal Aid Unlimited’s animal-loving heroes were about to change that. They named the scared dog Shylo and brought her to the rescue center. They were careful with her because of her delicate skin. He was also very nervous.

Her treatment began immediately.

They rubbed ointment on her body several times a day. She also started a nutrient-rich diet, something her body was missing.

Shylo cried in her baths at first. She was scared because she didn’t understand what was happening, but her caregiver talked to her and tried to calm her down.

Her new friends have also worked to earn her trust. They knew how to slow down. As the video says, “She has never met a gentle touch.” It’s a process, but no one would give up on it. Never!

It took time to heal your body and soul, but it’s all worth it. Look at Shylo now!

She is happy and healthy – and likes to smile!

Every dog is worth saving. Shylo is living proof that a good life is possible with a little love and patience. Watch the video below to see the whole transformation of Shylo.

Source: I Love My Dog Smuch


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