Dog rescued from traumatizing streets cries every night while sleeping

We don’t consider the long-term effects that abuse can cause to animals. For this poor puppy, found on the streets of South Korea, the trauma of his wounds is obvious, as he was heard crying loudly even when he was sleeping, overcome by pain and fear.

A member of a rescue team heard the puppy cry and thought it was being mistreated by someone.

She prepared to find an evil person hitting the puppy. However, when she tracked the puppy, she was impressed to find that he was crying in his sleep. This puppy had been so badly treated, physically and emotionally, that he could not rest, even when he was sleeping.

After inspecting the puppy, members of the rescue team discovered that he had a deep wound on his side, which was causing spasms and a lot of pain.

The puppy, who was named “Nuri”, was reportedly stabbed in the stomach by some mean man who tried to hold him.

Although Nuri managed to escape, he was unable to get rid of the effects of the wound he suffered, both physically and mentally.

Although he continues to suffer nightmares even after receiving excellent medical care, the rescue team has not given up on him!

They believe that the right humans will work with him to assure him that he is safe in a new home, Nuri will be able to recover from the abuse he suffered, receiving a chance to be a happy and healthy puppy, who can simply enjoy life.

If more people realized the seriousness of their actions, perhaps animal abuse would be less likely to happen.

Share Nuri’s story with your friends and family to help spread awareness about the long-term effects of animal abuse. Thank you!



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