Dog rescued by school wears a uniform and participates in their classes

Rescued puppy attends classes in school dressed in uniform

Findik is a little dog that is stealing the hearts of thousands of people on social networks. The story of his rescue was made public after being attacked by a pack of dogs in Turkey.

According to several publications on the Internet, this cute dog was rescued by Ahmet Aktürk and Mustafa Önlen, a school principal and teacher in Tokat province. As reported, Findik was injured in a cemetery after the other animals attacked.

The teachers decided to take him to the school premises to look after him while he recovered from his injuries. Gradually he recovered and, they decided to adopt him.

He is now treated like another student at the institute and on some occasions enters the classroom to listen to the instructions while wearing the blue uniform that all the children in the province wear.

“The students have taken responsibility for feeding the puppy”, said Bedriye Göçer, leader of the School’s Family Association.

Source: Curiosidades da Terra


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