Dog refuses to leave the place where a 2-year-old boy is buried

Have you ever thought how sad your dog would be to lose you? The loyalty of a small animal is so great that they cannot help but suffer enormously when they are without their human, especially when it is a small child that they have protected with all their souls.

This is the touching story of Mino, a beautiful black dog, originally from Vietnam. The dog is only 4-years-old and has spent 3 of them at the grave of his beloved human who tragically lost his life when he was only 2-years-old.

Mino came into baby Khet’s life when he was one year old. From the very first moment, an incredible friendship arose between them. They were inseparable and spent all their time playing together, until the water in a nearby canal ended the boy’s short life.

The accident happened while Khet’s mother was cooking. Khet got down and walked to the area that separates her house from a dangerous canal. Because of his innocence, the boy did not hesitate to jump into the water and no one was able to reach him in time to save him.

Khet had breathed his last, taking with him all the love of his loved ones.

He was buried three days after the incident in the back of his house, as dictated by the traditions of his country.

Since that time, Mino has always stood at the grave of her little human; regardless of the inclement weather. For her, time stood still and she couldn’t think of doing anything else but staying by his side.

Mino’s coat color has changed due to long hours of exposure to the sun.

Nguyen Thi Ut, is 57-years-old and is Khet’s grandmother. His wife has tried to get Mino out of the grave on several occasions because she considers it not good for his health that he spends so much time there.

However, there is nothing to scare the dog from the grave. So Nguyen brings food for him so that his nutrition is not affected by the eternal feeling of grief with which he lives.

Occasionally, Mino goes into the house to rest for a while before returning to his guard position.

Mino also brings food to the grave for his human.

“He always comes home for a few hours at noon and then leaves again, even if it’s sunny or raining. Sometimes it even happens all night”, says Ut.

Mino is still the gentle, loving dog Khet knew. She lives surrounded by her grandmother, father, mother, and little human brothers, one 6 years old and the other 6 months old. However, with none of the children has he been able to create such a unique friendship.

To keep the dog from suffering the ravages of time, the family plans to build a roof over the grave in March. This is the best solution, as they know very well that they will not be able to separate it from Khet’s remains in any way.

His loyalty is amazing.

Be grateful for the love your animals give you by letting them know every day how special they are to you, nothing compares to the loyalty of a dog. Share this touching love story, a love that goes beyond life.

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