Dog pushes a chair across the room to get closer to his owner while he works

Dogs are always with us: they look at us, watch us, study us and want our attention. And it isn’t difficult to understand, because their personality makes them always present, giving us comfort and living practically in symbiosis with their human friends.

And it is the small gestures that make them, day after day, even more pleasant. Twitter user Mr_Priada knows this well and has shared a video on social networks showing the maneuver his dog has taken to attract his attention.

When we work, we often “lock-in” ourselves, using all the concentration necessary to perform the activities. And so it went to Mr_Priada who, sitting at his desk, was looking at a computer screen with the images of some video surveillance cameras. When the dog came into the room, perhaps feeling a little neglected, he thought of doing what would be very normal for many humans with truly surprising cunning.

Then he quickly looked around, and once he found a wheeled office chair, similar to the one where his human friend was sitting, he began to push it toward its owner with its snout and paws until it reached the side. from the man who enjoyed the whole scene.

Most striking is that the dog seems to have the intellectual ability to understand how this chair works, determined to sit next to his human friend to “claim” some attention. He moved as if he had two legs until he found the right position, ending everything by moving his tail.

Emotional memory allows these animals to really try everything to get the attention of the people they get along with.

And so did this dog, whose images soon spread on the web. We will never know what he meant to his human friend. Certainly, however, this video confirms to us, if it was still necessary, how wonderful, amazing and intelligent our dogs are.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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