Dog pretends to be a stray to get hamburgers

All animal lovers know that dogs love to eat, 24 hours a day. The truth is that our furry friends can do anything to get some food, but the dog we’ll meet today has raised the bar.


A woman named Betsy Reyes says her dog, Princess, runs away at night and stands outside a McDonald’s, pretending to be a stray. The intelligent dog acts like she’s lost, so people feel bad and offer her hamburgers. Reyes even posted some photographs of Princess sitting next to a line of cars, waiting their turn. Although she already has enough evidence, the woman decided to go a little further: catch the dog in the act.


A man could be seen coming out of the car window, to give Princess some food …

When Reyes stopped her vehicle, the intelligent dog immediately recognized her and began to wag her tail. However, instead of a hamburger, she received a trip back home.

A very hungry but smart. girl.. Would you give a little food to this “poor” animal? So share this fun story with all your friends and family!

Source: 9GAG


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