Dog plays “dead” so that she doesn’t leave the park

No matter how much our dogs love our homes, it is when they go outside that they feel their greatest peaks of joy. All dogs love to walk around, run around in parks or even dive into the refreshing water of a beach. Because this dogs likes trips so much, she plays dead whenever her owner wants to leave the park.

The case that we are going to show yoy in the video below took place on a beautiful sunny day in a park in Australia. It was recorded by Kristen Bohlsen, a frequent visitor of that space. This clip shows a man in the middle of a “fight” with his tough dog.

The owner of this animal makes it very clear that he wants to leave, but his dog plays dead and gives the impression that she has other plans … The people who were there, got immediately dazzled by this lovely display of disobedience!

Facebook – Kristen Bohlsen

After a few moments of resistance and stubbornness, this dog decides to get up and is presented with a warm applause. Making the day of the crowd that was waiting to see the end of this frenzy!

Check out this fantastic moment with your own eyes …

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Source: The Dodo


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