Dog paralyzed after being hit by a car drags himself in search of help

A woman was driving on a road when a disturbing sight made her step on the brake. She saw a dog painfully dragging her wounded body in hopes of survival.

Upon investigating further, Beth realized that the poor creature was homeless and was left partially paralyzed after being hit by a car.

Beth rushed the dog to a local shelter, but the dog was barely holding on to life. The shelter named the dog Molly, and vets began assessing her situation.

Molly needed multiple intensive surgeries for her traumatic injuries and her chances of survival were slim.

Just when Molly was at the end of her rope, mother-son duo Susan and Matthew Hickman stepped in to foster the dying pooch.

Matthew, who struggles with Down’s syndrome, was significantly heartbroken to see Molly’s pitiful condition. In a desperate attempt to save her, he began embracing her in his arms all day and kept telling her that she would be okay.

With Matthew’s love and dedication, Molly rediscovered her survival instincts.

Over the years, she received several surgeries and gradually progressed from being wheelchair-bound to walking on her own again! S

he is now a permanent part of the Hickman family and won’t spend a second away from her sweet brother who saved her life!

Click on the video below to watch Molly’s extraordinary and exciting rescue and recovery story!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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