Owner asks his dog if he is a dog or a baby – his response is too funny

Our four-legged friends are, in fact, little babies and the images below are the proof of that. Small children have a tendency to cry a lot, but … do the dogs do the same? Of course! You don’t believe it? After watching the clip below you will change your mind.

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In the video we can see a proud human repeatedly asking, “Are you a dog or a baby?” His response is at least dramatic, but very loving!

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The owner’s first reaction, along with the person holding the camera, is to laugh with pleasure. We can confirm that there is much love and complicity in this family, as they even end up giving a “kiss” at the end of the video. The funniest thing is that the dog, Boxer breed, is quite big and finds a way to lean on the owner with the legs outstretched, as a baby would.

Owner asks his dog if he is a dog or a baby

In some ways, despite his howling protests, he seems to enjoy the childish role. Check out the lovely moment in the clip below:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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