Man goes shopping and leaves a 10 week dog on hot car

A 20-year-old Texas resident almost ended up his dog’s life after leaving her in a hot car. Chandler Allen Bullen went shopping with his little dog, Annabelle, and parked his car outside the wallmart, when temperatures were around 109 degrees.

The beautiful girl was struggling for relief from the brutal Texas sun

The poor animal waited, with the car turned off and no air conditioning… The temperature inside the vehicle must’ve been unimaginable.


Fortunately, one woman noticed Annabelle struggling and visibly crying. Then she called the police, who got into Chandler’s car, using the sunroof.


Annabelle, 10 weeks old, was lethargic due to exposure to heat. “They are defenseless and very much like children, they can not get out of the car alone, so they trust the owner to take care of them and be responsible,” said Sgt. Randall Anderson.

When police questioned Chandler, he alleged that he shut down the car because “he did not want to waste gas.” Saving a few dollars almost cost the life of an innocent animal! The man now faces accusations of cruelty to animals.


Annabelle was taken to the Austin Animal Center, where she must fully recover.

“When we find these animals in cars, they are always at the lowest point of the car because obviously the heat goes up,” said Alan Schwettmann of the Austin Police. “I’m not sure what people are thinking, maybe they’re thinking they’re going to a place and they’re just going to stay there for a minute,” he added.

Man goes shopping and leaves a 10 week dog on hot car

Follow Annabelle’s recovery in the video below:

Check out the rescue images in the video below:

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