Drunk man cuts off dog snout – then the puppy finds a perfect home

We can not understand what causes someone to mistreat a defenseless animal. The US reports nearly 1,500 cases of animal abuse each year. However, most cases are never reported. Around the world, this number only continues to grow and a dog, rescued from the Philippines, knows this reality too well.

Drunk man cuts off dog snout

Rescue workers say seven-year-old Wacku spent five years in a shelter, after suffering a horrific attack in 2012. A drunk man severely chopped most of his snout with a machete.

The puppy finds a perfect home

However, the dog managed to survive, waiting for the day someone would adopt him. After waiting five years, the American animal welfare group Road Dogs and Rescue heard the story of Wacku. The founder, Nikki Carvey, traveled about 8,000 miles to pick up the dog and take him to the United States.

Fortunately, an Oregon resident, Liesl Wilhardt, watched a video about the dog and instantly fell in love with him.

As director of the Luvable Dog Rescue, Liesl is used to deal with puppies, which others can avoid based on their appearance. Last year, the organization made headlines for the rescue of a dog, named Picasso. He was born with a facial deformity, which causes his muzzle to fall to the left.

She knew that Wacku would fit well with Picasso and the other eight dogs that live in her property. “Picasso and Wacku are exceptionally calm, tolerant and social dogs. They do not realize each other’s physical differences,” the woman explained.


Wacku is adapting well to his new life.

Wacku’s extreme case has led lawmakers in the Philippines to make changes to animal welfare laws, including fines and heavier sentences for the perpetrators.

“Thankfully Wacku still has his tongue after the attack,” Liesl said. “He is able to swallow and eat, it’s just very messy. And even though he’s missing his nose he sniffs and sniffs and sniffs, so maybe he can still smell. It doesn’t hold him back.”

Despite everything, the puppy was a fighter and is now in good hands. Thanks to these incredible people, he is receiving all the love and affection in the world. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: Liftable