Dog missing 3 years ago finds his family again – he was 500 miles away

Lauren Preece has always been very close to her pet, a little poodle called Milo. Unfortunately, in 2017 she had to make the difficult decision to leave him at his parents’ home to move to Canada.

She had got a job there and in her new residence they didn’t allow him to have dogs. With broken heart, she took him to Queensland, Australia. Her consolation was to know that her parents also loved the puppy very much and would take care of him with a lot of love.

Sometimes it can be difficult for pets to change. Especially if they no longer have their owners for life. Shortly after his first months in Queensland, Milo got lost.

Lauren’s parents organized searches throughout the area, but no one could find the slightest trace of the dog. Milo had a microchip and a necklace with all his family’s contact information. However, they have not yet received any news from him. It was as if he had simply disappeared.

“He’s so small that we think a predator killed him,” Lauren said.

Time passed and Lauren began to fear the worst. Her poodle was lost in an area called Weipa that is characterized by the presence of crocodiles, dingoes and many other wild animals that are very territorial.

A year passed and all her family and friends told her that she simply shouldn’t have any hope of seeing her best friend again. Dealing with the loss of our pets is devastating; but Lauren was not sure what Milo’s fate had been.

She went on with her life, but not a day went by without her thinking about him.

Finally, three years later, she received the phone call she had been waiting for so long. The little dog appeared 500 miles from her parents’ house.

He was exhausted and a little disoriented, but didn’t suffer serious injuries.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I hung up the phone, I started to cry. I was very happy,” recalled Lauren.

Pets are family members and we should never give up on them.

After three difficult years, Milo managed to return to his safe place. Now the Preece family has many reasons to celebrate and give the beautiful poodle all the cuddles of the world.

Source: Zoorprendente


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