Dog meets his mother for the first time since he was a puppy

Familial bonds are very tight. And that tightness extends to dogs as well. And there is a video that proved just how strong canine family bonds really are – no matter how long in between it has been since two dogs from the same family have gone without seeing one another. An adorable little golden retriever, Harper, was only 11-weeks-old when she was adopted. The day she was adopted, was the day that she last saw her mother.

While most would think Harper would have absolutely no memory of his mother, that was simply not true. All dog owners know how well dogs remember people and other dogs. They have feelings and form connections like we do. So just because a family of dogs is separated, that doesn’t mean they won’t remember their family members. They have feelings and can process love as human beings.

That’s why the video was so precious to watch. He showed a happy Harper, three months after his adoption, returning to where his mother was to visit. Even as he arrived in the area, Harper can already be seen visibly excited – ready to get out of his car the minute he is parked.

During the beginning of the video, Harper got excited, ready to leave.

As they walk along the path, you can see a darker-colored golden retriever climbing the track. The two dogs then met and shared a fungus. And once they had established that they were indeed related, the two dogs were visibly delighted and could not contain the happiness of seeing each other. They played and licked each other, clearly making up for lost time before joining each other on a wonderful walk in the sun.

This video definitely proves that dogs have a lot of love and emotional intelligence about them. It’s one of the many reasons why dogs are absolutely wonderful animals that we don’t deserve.

Watch the exciting meeting below:

Source: Cesars Way


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