Dog makes hole in fence so neighbors can play with him

Jessica and her family were surprised by the snout of an adorable puppy peeking through the hole in the backyard fence while enjoying a family pool day.

Jessica moved closer to investigate what was going on and realized that the mystery dog was holding a ball. And as soon as she got close enough, she dropped the ball at her feet.

“You can’t just ignore a dog that drops the ball at your feet and walks away like it’s nothing”, added Jessica.

Jessica picked up the ball and threw it over the fence. And so began the fun game between her and the mysterious dog, who without planning it in a matter of moments were having fun together.

After talking to her sister Jessica, she found out that the dog’s name is Harper. And that this furry friend has been playing around the fence looking for the ball with her family since they moved in.

“We were very happy when we realized that we could play with Harper through the fence”, said Adrienne.

When Harper’s parents found out that she had become friends with their neighbors, the two families exchanged numbers. And now they love to text each other about Harper and her mischief.

“We had just moved in December and didn’t know Harper’s owners until we started playing with her”, added Adrienne.

The hole in the fence where Harper waits for his companions was definitely his doing. But of course no one has any plans to fix it.

“It’s an unspoken rule that it will never be fixed”, said Jessica.

Harper’s parents also love to play fetch with her, but since they can’t play all day, this spirited puppy relies on her neighbors to fill the moments of boredom with her favorite game.

Every time Harper hears his neighbors leaving, he doesn’t hesitate to run to the fence where he waits for them to play. This puppy knows that the neighbor’s friends can’t resist the invitation to go get the ball.

When Adrienne’s family gets guests and they discover Harper, they are always delighted, it’s like the best party joke ever.

“My 5-year-old daughter played a little, my sister and her son too. She was active pretty much all day”, said Jessica.

Harper’s main goal in life seems to be to play with all the people he can catch with his snout in the hole, which no one can resist.

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