Dog loved his owner so much that he decided to pass away the same day she did

It is no secret that when we have a pet we treat him like any another family member. He was treated in a so special way, that an unbreakable bond was created with his owner.

The story of Cuco and his owner makes us think that true love lasts beyond life.

Cuco’s owner was a 96 year old tender grandmother.

Cuco is a 15 year old beauty dog that arrived Vilagarcía Animals Protection Association, at Pontevedra (Spain).

The lady could not take care of her faithful dog and gave it to relatives to protect him while she was staying in a retirement home.

The love for her tender owner was so unconditional that on several occasions she escaped the premises to visit her beloved pet.

The grandmother cared not only for Cuco, but also for three kittens that lived in the street.

His new family could no longer take care of the dog and he was handed over to the association earlier this year. Recently the light went out in Cuckoo surprising everyone in the room.

Ángeles Cifuentes is the president of the association, it was she who realized that the dog did not react. She says that while the death of a dog causes sadness to all employees who take care of it, it is also common.

Something really amazing happened to Cuco who moved everyone in the association.

The day Cuckoo died, his owner also died in that later a night. The fact impacted the association’s president so much that she published part of the story on her social networks.

“When we discovered that the landlady had died at night on the same day as Cuckoo, we were shocked. Our hair was up. We believe he went ahead of her to guide her.

Perhaps the lovely dog has stepped forward to make way for its owner and guide her in the new heavenly plan, where they will surely recognize and continue to love with the same respect they have done in life.

Dogs are little furry little angels who, once they have them, will have no limits to show pure and sincere love.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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