Dog lost her two paws – but see what she is capable when her maternal instinct explodes

A dog, named Shi Bao, didn’t have an easy life, once her owner abandoned her in the streets. And that’s when the little dog suffered a terrible accident and lost two of her legs. However, this little girl never gave up and kept fighting. One day when she became pregnant, everything changed!

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Shi Bao suffered a lot and had to fight to survive… It’s believed that her injuries were caused by a collision with a car or by a train. How horrible! We can’t imagine what this poor animal must have faced.

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Shi Bao continued fighting, she didn’t give up and was determined to survive. Then one day she became pregnant and, despite her condition, she overcame her pregnancy and had four healthy dogs. No one believed she would take care of her dogs. However, Shi Bao proved that there is nothing stronger than the maternal instinct.

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Every day she takes care of her puppies and guides them. Mom still looks for food for her little ones and always checks if they are okay. The lack legs has never stopped her from being a good mother!

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Some local animal advocates learned about the history of Shi Bao and took the whole family to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, two dogs ended up dying. But the other ones are fine and they have found new families for them. The mother was also adopted by the founder of Animals Asia.“Shi Bao is an excellent mother.” Said Mr. Xue, a veterinarian of the institution that saved the dogs.

Thank God, these puppies now have new homes and families where they can live peacefully and surrounded by love.

The story of Shi Bao is very sad, but at the same time shows that dogs are fantastic animals. There’s nothing like the maternal instinct. This little dog did everything in her power to care for and raise her puppies, showing that the bond between a mother and her pups is stronger than anything in the world.

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Source: The Animal Bible


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