Dog lost for two years finally get reunited with his owner

Earlier this month, volunteers at this animal shelter in Ukraine received a large, blue-eyed, abandoned dog, his life on the streets clearly not been easy. His body was full of scabs and bruises.

The rescuers were determined to find a new happy home for the dog – not realising, of course, that he already had a home and an owner looking desperately for hom.

On the day the dog was rescued, shelter volunteers took a picture of him and posted online in an attempt to find his owner or potential adopters.

Given the precarious health condition of the animal, it seemed that it would be even more difficult to find a family that loved it. But it was impossible to ignore his sad eyes.

In a few hours, the post has been shared hundreds of times by people around the world.

These actions on social media made all the difference.

Just two days later, the shelter was contacted by a woman whose dog had been stolen from her yard in 2017. She had been sent to the shelter and was impressed by the dog’s resemblance to her stolen dog.

“She was looking for her dog that was stolen two years ago,” said Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter. Was it him? The next day the shelter arranged a meeting between them. And then it was confirmed that it was him!

Watch the video:

The dog, whose name is Lord, had waited so long for that day.

He was finally back home – with the help of strangers who insisted on helping him.

Happy ending!

Source: Amo Meu Pet


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