Dog loses life at home – now his dad warns all dog owners

A normal bag of chips became a deadly trap for Leo, a six-month-old puppy. So his owner Barry James warns dog owners after this tragic accident. “It’s incredible that something so banal can cause death so quickly,” he said.

The dogs are really loving and Leo quickly became a beloved member of the family of Barry James, despite the short time they have been together. Leo, who was six months old, died tragically while his human was at work.

Barry James’s parents had come to see how Leo was. “They let him run and play. When they weren’t looking, Leo managed to open one of the kitchen cupboards and pull out an opened bag of chips”, said Barry James.

Facebook – Barry James

Then Leo ran into the backyard with the bag of chips and bowed his head to eat treats. However, the bag got stuck in his head.

“Leo obviously struggled to get the bag off his head and as he was breathing the foil wrapper quickly tightened and suffocated him. By the time my parents found him there was nothing they could do. It’s devastating and not something I ever thought I would have to worry about”, he says.

Facebook – Barry James

Barry asks other dog owners to take steps to prevent this.

“I read that this happened to many other dogs and cats. Please if you have any chips/cereal or any other bags cut them up or cut them in half. Just in case your pet ever gets hold of one even out of the bin. Or lock them away well out of reach, put the chips in a bowl when eating them in case you leave the room even for a minute”, says Barry James.

Facebook – Barry James

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