Dog lives in a hotel and his job is to welcome and embrace guests

Holidays are always relaxing, but sometimes the hotel or resort you book can do much more.

A hotel in Colorado, called St. Regis Aspen Resort, has a permanent resident who will surely make the best possible visit to all guests.

Kitty Jacob Astor IV, a 6-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, is the first dog to reside on the property.

Many people visit Snowy Aspen to ski in their mountains, but for anyone staying in St. Regis is a real cute treat. Kitty spends a lot of time with hotel guests.

She participates in the story time with the children, helps in collecting guests at the airport, hugs guests at the lobby. And best of all, she cuddles the guests at bedtime!

Kitty was named so, because the founder of the St. Regis Hotel, John Jacob Astor IV, had a dog named Kitty in 1904.

She has an Instagram where you can follow all your adventures on the St. Regis. Click here to follow her.

The St. Regis is a very dog-friendly hotel, so you can bring your own puppies for an extra $ 25 a day. The hotel is packed with dog facilities such as dog beds, food bowls, hiking vests, car seats, jackets and boots, dog collars, doggy baths, a personalized meal menu, and more!

Source: I Love My Dog


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