Dog lives a year in front of the old house of the humans who abandoned him

A puppy named Pumba was left behind after his humans moved. The poor animal was abandoned as an object and had to survive alone in the streets. The desolate dog stood outside his old house, patiently waiting for his “family” to return.

Unfortunately, they never came back

The dog received food from neighbors for a year, until someone finally called Hope for Paws. When the rescuers arrived, Pumba was curled up in the grass, still close to his old house.

Seeing the members of Hope for Paws, Pumba was very frightened… The puppy was traumatized and could no longer trust humans. His saviors tried to prepare a cage with food to lure Pumba. However, he was too smart for that and even managed to get the food without getting stuck.

Finally one of the rescuers approached, clearly indicating that she had food. At that time, Pumba allowed to be approached and was taken to the facilities of the rescue group. With a successful rescue, he began his recovery process.

Later, Pumba was redirected to a temporary home where he received a lot of attention and love. In addition, he has plenty of room to play and, of course, canine siblings. Check out the incredible rescue in the video below:

Fortunately, it turned out all well for the loving dog. Share this emotional story if you are against the abandonment of animals!

Source: Incroyable


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