Dog lived under a tarp but never lost hope

Pit Bulls are dogs with a bad reputation as they are associated with dog fights. However, if they are properly educated, they can be very loving family dogs. The story we’ll meet today reports one such case.


The Gracie’s Guardians project is an initiative of the Richmond Animal League, which helps Pit Bull owners taking care of their animals. In Virginia, it’s legal for dogs to stay chained outside, if they have water, food, and adequate shelter.

However, when some volunteers stopped by the place where June and the other dogs lived, they realized that these requirements were being broken.

The dogs were in a snow-covered courtyard whose only shelter was an old tarps. Then some people, representing the Gracie Guardians, were able to rescue two dogs that were on the scene.

However, a woman named Grace knew she could still do more …

Grace returned to June

The little dog was in very poor condition and was immediately taken to the vet. She was over 8 years old, had mastitis and had a hernia in her abdomen. In addition, the beautiful girl showed signs of excessive breeding.


June was also underweight, her ears were cut off and she suffered from heart worms. Despite all the suffering, the Pit Bull proved to be a very loving girl.

June quickly adapted to the new life

At the moment the dog is under the care of a family, who owns two Pit Bulls, with which June adapted very well. She does not stop showing her loving personality and is becoming more and more friendly.


Despite her horrible past, June holds no grudge. The Pit Bull loves people, likes hugs and is always wagging her tail. It is wonderful to know that there are people dedicated to helping neglected animals.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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