Dog left for dead in a sealed box wagged her tail in hopes someone would hear

One night there was a soft thudding noise from a nearby dump, and a good Samaritan set off to investigate. He saw a sealed box inside and followed the sound to her. What he saw inside shocked him deeply.

The first image is a little hard to look at, we must admit. But keep in mind there’s a happy ending, and you’ll want to see just how far this puppy has come.

A mistreated and neglected dog was left to die. Literally treated as garbage. The man immediately contacted the Dallas Dog RRR for help, and volunteers were sent to the scene. The animal was in such a critical condition that it had to be taken to the emergency room.

They named the dog Sally. At the animal hospital, she was diagnosed with high fever, dehydration, and chronic scabies. Sally was so weak and had open wounds that were still bleeding. Even his paws were swollen and sore.

But Sally somehow kept the right attitude through it all. Despite her terrible condition, she continued wagging her tail and never gave up. It was clear they had a fighter on their hands! There was a long recovery ahead, and Sally would have to stay at the hospital for a few days.

A woman named Patti took Sally in to foster her knowing the dog would have to continue to visit the vet regularly for treatment. The day her foster mom came to pick her up, Sally was so happy she covered Patti’s face with kisses!

Sally knew she was now in good hands, and it made all the difference in the world going forward.

It would only be a matter of time before she fully recovered from her horrible past.

Sally slowly but steadily made progress at her foster home. Patti did an amazing job of providing the pup with the love and care she needed, and it was clearly paying off in a big way.

A few months later, Sally is now fully recovered and mange-free! If it weren’t for the Good Samaritan, Dallas Dog RRR, and her foster mom, we don’t even want to think about how it would’ve ended for the sweet dog.

But here she is, alive and well! Sally is living the life she should always live.

Source: I Love My Dog


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