Dog leaves running from a car accident – watch the moment he is found, weeks later

Recently, an accident in Chaffee County, Colorado, ended up having a tragic outcome. Jennifer Orr, 43, was driving on Iron Chest Road when she hit a rock. This caused the vehicle to get out of the way…

Unfortunately, Jennifer died at the scene while her daughter, Sam Orr, was transported by helicopter to an emergency service. Sam suffered some injuries, including “displaced ribs and a compressed vertebra.” However, doctors expect her to fully recover.

Facebook – Sam Orr
Sam and her mother were not alone in the vehicle.

Sam’s dog, Bentley, was there too. Sam was not only suffering from the loss of her mother, but also from the disappearance of her little dog. So a Facebook page was created with the goal of retrieving the lost animal.

Facebook – Bring Bentley Home

19 long days passed, until the precious pup was found on the mountain, where the accident occurred. Sam wrote a post, thanking a man named Joseph Stratmann, who helped her find the dog. “Had it not been for Joe, this puppy would not have returned home,” Sam said.

Facebook – Bring Bentley Home

The most exciting moment of all was when Sam held Bentley safely in his arms for the first time. Luckily for us, she got the whole scene on video! Bentley seems hesitant, but it doesn’t take long to approach…

“You’re fine… You did so well. I’m so proud of you,” says Sam. You can definitely hear the joy in the young woman’s voice!

It is very difficult to lose a mother… But, there is always light in the darkness. We are very happy that Bentley has returned home.

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