Dog jumps from the balcony, after suffering with no water and under the intense sun

It’s sad that many human beings don’t recognize that a living being deserves respect and care. Some have pets, without guaranteeing their basic and emotional needs … For the dog we’ll meet today, the best option was to jump from a building, after spending hours in the sun and without water. The incident happened in Polinyà, Spain.

The dog managed to survive

Fortunately, some neighbors soften his fall with an awning. Local police shared the video on their Facebook page with the following message:

“These images are not pleasant, but we believe that sometimes we have to publish these videos to emphasize to the owners of the animals the responsibility that this entails.”

The dog was trapped between the fences of the porch, until finally he fell. Several neighbors reported the case to the police because they realized that the animal had intentions of jumping in the void. In panic, they improvised a solution, before the authorities arrived at the scene.


The pup was sent to an animal protection center where he received the necessary medical attention. In addition, a criminal case has been opened … Let’s hope justice is done!

Despite everything, the dog is in perfect health!

Facebook – Policia Local Polinyà

This case is a wake-up call for many pet owners. It’s very important to report any cases of mistreatment.

Dog jumps from the balcony, after suffering with no water

Check the moment when the puppy threw himself in desperation from the porch of his house … It’s heart breaking:

A frightening situation that could have ended very badly … Share this story, if you are against abuse and mistreatment of animals!

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