Dog is tied to the roof of a car and is taken to a meat market – until a passer-by attempts to save his life

These frightening images show dogs strapped into bags at the back of cars as they are sold at a local meat market in northeastern India. Killing dogs to meat and eating dogs is illegal in India, but this practice continues in some rural states in the northeast, some local activists report.

Some of the images show a dog tied to the roof of a minivan in a shed in northeastern India. It was on seeing this dog that the photographer Surabhi Jaiswar, 27, decided to investigate where these animals were being taken …

“I was sitting at a table, drinking my tea, when I saw something moving on the top of the van, I stared for a while, trying to find out what it was, kept moving, eventually, I could see that it was a dog. “, said the photographer.

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According to Mrs. Jaiswar, the dog had a rope wrapped around its mouth and its body, which attached it to the roof of the van like a “baggage” along with some suitcases and a mattress.

“I saw a woman inside the car, I asked her what she was doing to the dog, so she told me that it was her pet,” I said, “you do not treat a pet like that.”

Facebook – Nom Aly

“I suspected they were taking it to meat, so I asked directly,” You’re going to eat, are not you? “And she said yes.”

“I panicked, I even offered to buy the dog, the driver arrived and I asked him to let me buy his dog, but they would not leave me, they just ignored me, I asked for help, but no one came!”

“I ran into the cafe and the owner of the cafe told me that it happens all the time.” He said, “They eat dogs in that place.” I was devastated. “There was nothing I could do. I just had to watch them leave with the dog still tied to the top of the truck. ”

Facebook – Nom Aly

“I’m a big dog lover,” she said. “Eating dogs is illegal in India, but it happens in these certain communities in Nagaland, where there is a high level of dog transport. ”

No animal deserves such a horrible fate …

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