Dog is stolen and missing for a year, dad finds him just 2 days before being sacrificed

Barry Gearhart lost count of the number of days he cried himself to sleep after his beloved senior Pit Bull, Titan, was stolen from the back of his truck. Barry had raised Titan from a puppy, and the thought of the poor dog suffering in the hands of the thieves was a nightmare for him.

But Barry never lost hope and kept searching for Titan. However, a year passed and there was still no sign of his baby. One day, Barry posted the missing poster of Titan on the social media page of a local group. As luck would have it, a woman replied to the post saying that “Titan” looked exactly like “Hank”, a shelter Pit Bull who was about to be euthanized!

Barry collected further information from the woman and made a race to the shelter. He was at the gates of the kennel when he finally realized that “Hank” was indeed his Titan! Barry broke down in uncontrollable tears as he embraced his four-legged friend again.

The shelter later informed that Titan was found abandoned and the workers had been trying to get him adopted for a year. But nobody wanted to take a chance on the senior, sad-faced Pit Bull. The poor dog yearned to go home all this time too. We are so proud of Barry for never giving up on Titan. Titan can finally live comfortably again with his loving dad forever!

Click the video below to watch the tear-jerking reunion between Titan and Barry after a whole year!

Source: I Love My Dog


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