That’s why your dog is so happy to see you, even when you only leave him for 5 minutes

No one in the family will be so happy to see you return home as your dog. No matter if it is only for a few hours, your pet will be anxious to meet you. He will jump and roll, while barking and groaning very excited. But, have you ever wondered why your dog reacts like that?

If you’ve always been curious about this, you’re lucky! Canine psychologists have studied this behavior and finally seem to have the answer. Discover with us the reason for this charming demeanor.

That is the reason why your dog is so happy to see you

Studies say that an adult dog has the emotional intelligence of a 2-year-old child: they can remember people and places and are capable of feeling fear, joy, sadness, anger, and envy. However, just like two-year-olds, they can not go beyond their emotions. That is, they feel but can not question anything beyond these feelings.

We know that dogs, like humans, are social animals that are organized into packs with a certain social hierarchy. Although dogs and men are different species, studies show that years of joint evolution have framed us as part of their herd, forming a group and a hierarchy.

Canine packs work as a whole, although each individual has its own role, the group always moves in the same direction. That means they hunt together, eat together, play together and sleep together. However, it isn’t a closed group and if any member feels the need to separate and go alone, the rest accepts it as something natural.

Finally, it is important to note that dogs, like two-year-olds, do not understand temporality. That is, they live the present, forget the past and do not care about the future. A very interesting philosophy!

Now that you know these three conditioning factors, you can understand that when your pet watches you leave home, he doesn’t know if you will return. Once you may have decided to leave the pack freely.

In these circumstances your dog can only stay at home because of his lack of freedom and sad for your absence … But if they can’t calculate the time… Why does he get happier and more enthusiastic when you return from a longer period of absence?

In fact, they don’t know how long you’ve been away. If you leave home for two days while your family stays at home, your dog will be happy to see you. On the other hand, if it is the whole family that leaves, leaving an animal alone for two days, deprived of love, he will go “crazy” when you return.

Think that your return not only gives him joy, but also other motivations such as caring, food, physical activity and, above all, fun!

We can say that the warm reception of your pet isn’t only a manifest joy, but also has an intentionality.

It has been observed that the dogs lick the face of their owners when they return to the “pack”. These licks are a sign of caring that allows closer ties. In addition, it’s a way of extracting information about where you’ve been, people who were with you, what you ate, etc.

This is why your dog needs to lick you, jumping as far as he can to get to his face. In addition, their intelligence allows them to know that we move with our legs and that we manipulate things with our hands. That’s why they start to smell our legs and lick our fingers.

As you see, your dog’s happiness has a motive and now you know it all. So, let your pet enjoy those moments… The truth is that he missed you more than anyone else in the world!

Source: La Nube de Algodón


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